Sunday, May 23, 2010

Truth or Dare Blog Candy.

Jen at Pieces of Me is giving away some blog candy with a twist...Truth or Dare!!! For truth you must answer the question You receive RAKs from readers, friends or acquaintances, would you post these received items as a RAK giveaway on YOUR blog, if you didn't want/need them (knowing that the person that sent you that RAK may see it)? And for the Dare...Take a picture of the BOTTOMS (soles)of your feet and post to the web. So, now you know why I have posted a picture of my foot on my blog! lol Be sure to hop over and join in on the fun!



  1. girl..... you've definitely got SOLE!!!!! lol

    hugs :)

  2. Courtney, you have beautiful feet!!! Thanks for playing!!! Hugs, Jen